Up Up in the Air

3 March 2017, 15:35

We left Westtown at 8:30 this morning and arrived at JFK sometime around 11. Our flight, Delta 420, leaves from Gate 38B at 5:00pm. With our visas verified, and boarding passes at the ready, we’re set to board the plane in thirty minutes. I’m massively excited! I’ve got a huge bag of pretzel goldfish, a family sized pack of skittles, like eight chocolate chip Questbars (the best flavor), a few books loaded onto my Kindle, and the new Lorde single– what more could a girl want? Sure, my friends might be in Vienna and Cuba and Greece and Boston, but I’m going to Africa (which is totallllllly the best trip out of the four).

Here’s to safe travels and great company.

-Rachel Coe

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