March 6th – Ghanian Independence Day


6 March 2017

The 4th of July to Americans is what the 6th of March is to Ghanians–Independence Day.  This day 60 years ago, the British relinquished their control over Ghana. Like any Independence Day celebration, there were parades and parties.

Our day started with a short walk across the street to where the parade would be held. From my very basic understanding of Ghanaian Independence Day celebrations, I knew that all the local school children would be marching. Those too little to march or those who didn’t want to, crowded around the edge of the soccer field where the march would take place. Everyone, for the most part, was dressed exquisitely. The babies wore casual clothes, but other than the school uniform clad marchers, people were dressed beautifully in vibrant patterned dresses and shirts.

I was taken aback by just how friendly the people were! So many hugs were given out today and there were so many laughs as well. The kids were asking us questions about back home and what are families were like and if we had boyfriends. So, Mercedes and I pulled out our phones and started showing them pictures. Their favorite picture was of Mercedes’s boyfriend, George, they giggled and said he looked like a movie star.

We played with the kids at the parade for what must’ve been three hours but felt only like 20 minutes. I’m not the most talkative person, but for the morning I was. They were just so kind natured, funny and completely intriguing. I just had to talk to them, you know?

I think the best moment of the day was when this little old lady hobbled over, granddaughter in tow, to shake my hand and give me a big hug. It’s a universal truth, old people are always adorable and always so sweet.


(P.S. As we’re in an Independence Day mood, we’re watching Captain America which I thought was funny)

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