Your Eyes Are Always Bigger Than Your Stomach – China Day 4

Written and published March 6th, 2018

Today we flew from Beijing to Xi’an. Since it was a travel day and rainy we did not do that much. I will be posting photos today (taken on my phone because of the rain) from my shopping around the city, eating food, and watching the Tang Dynasty Show and dinner. My blog post tomorrow will hopefully be much more exciting.

– Anna

Ice cream with waffle bubble cone (photo creds to Savannah)

Steamed corn

Meat (lamb) on a stick

Vegetable dumplings

Mango juice drink with whipped cream, mango pieces, and matcha dusting

Making dough

Tang Dynasty Dinner

Tang Dynasty Show

2 thoughts on “Your Eyes Are Always Bigger Than Your Stomach – China Day 4

  1. Lili Fernandez

    Oh my goodness! So much food to fill your belly! Hope you’re enjoying your time! – ♥️ ☮️ UR ROOMIE!

  2. Bruce Harrison

    I love these street photos. They give one a feel of your day walking around on the street. It reminds me of being in the Italian Market in Philadelphia. Bruce

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