“The Moviemaker’s Guide to Running Away” – Post #1

March 3, 2019 – T-Minus 3 Days Until “Project Run Away” Commences

Hello! My name is Alex Mortazavi, and my Senior Project is essentially the making of a “road-trip” movie – but with a few experimental twists on the well-trodden genre. A close friend, Kiki and I will be traveling together from fog shrouded San Francisco to neon drenched Vegas, stopping through the sparkling City of Angels, the jagged Monument Valley, and the sweeping Grand Canyon (among numerous other notable West Coast spots). What makes this trip unique is where we plan to stop in these locations; we will be touching down in as many famous West Coast movie landmarks as we can on the way to our final stop in Vegas.

Kiki and I’s joint passion since 5th grade has been filmmaking, so we plan to document this trip as our latest film. The twist, however, is that this isn’t just any standard documentary we are making, but rather a “mockumentary” if you like – a fake documentary, with a plot line. The mockumentary is about two film-buff teens who are touring the great movie haunts this side of the country, and documenting their journey. They also happen to be running away from home together, chasing naive dreams of a perfect Hollywood life. They soon learn, however, that life isn’t like the movies, and their reckless actions will have lasting consequences.

I am incredibly thrilled to finally begin work on this film, having already spent several months in Pre-Production; it’s almost time for the real thing to begin! I will be posting numerous updates during Production itself, with photographs and clips from filming while it’s in progress. After filming is complete, I will be continuing to post more updates, with trailers, clips, and eventually the film itself (hopefully), appearing on this blog in the near future! The trip is just over two weeks long, and I imagine it’s an adventure I won’t soon forget! I can’t wait to share my amazing journey with you!

Alex Mortazavi ’19

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