Santurce – Dia 2

Our second full day in Puerto Rico began with a quick breakfast at 7:30 before departing for Santurce in the “guagua” (Puerto Rican term for bus). Once we arrived, we exited the bus to search for street art, which wasn’t particularly hard to find: it’s everywhere!

After we had our fill of street art (if that’s even possible), we headed to La Placita, a farmers’ market packed wall-to-wall with monstrously large produce.

Lena selects a mango.

We hopped back on the bus to travel to Lote 23, a lunch spot filled with about 10 food trucks of varying cuisines.

After almuerzo, we took el Tren Urbano to la Universidad de Puerto Rico to visit their Museum of History, Art and Anthropology.

While we were there, we learned about the anthropologic history of the Tainos, the Native Americans that lived and thrived in Puerto Rico before Christopher Columbus arrived. We also had the privilege of view the world-famous painting “El Velorio” by Francisco Oller (in no way does my picture do it justice), as well as many other works.

We drove back to the inn after we finished in the gallery to rest for a day full of service tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


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