El Yunque – Dia 3

We started our day relatively early today so we could arrive at El Yunque Tropical Rainforest (a National Park) to begin our volunteer work. We worked in two sites, Baño Grande and Baño Oro, doing both maintenance and hurricane clean up.

My group worked on the Baño Grande site first, scrubbing the stone surrounding the natural bath extensively.

Kavya and Zakiyah with their scrub brushes.

After we finished at our first site, we ate a quick lunch with an incredible view:

After lunch, my group headed to the Baño Oro site to remove some of the dirt and clay stuck that filled the natural bath there. It was fairly challenging work, but extremely rewarding.

To reward us for our hard work, we traveled to a gorgeous swimming hole along one of the rivers. We cooled off and washed our muddy clothes before returning to the guagua to head back to the hotel.

See you all tomorrow!


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