Hello from a whole new world…

Thursday, March 7, 2013.

Hi everyone, my name is Claudia. I was out of the country for the two weeks before Senior Projects, so I never made an intro post. I am living at home and working with the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, DE for my Senior Project. I went in offering to do whatever they needed me to do and I ended up assigned to one of their Family Resource Coordinators. I have been helping her with whatever she needs me to do with managing her clients.

The work is totally different from anything I have done before. The actual tasks are, for the most part, simple. I do a lot of photocopying and file reviewing. The context, however, is totally alien. Westtown exists in a bubble of privilege. It doesn’t matter where you come from originally; when you arrive at the school you are one of the privileged few. We are incredibly lucky to have that opportunity, but given that I come from a stable nuclear family with enough money to live comfortably, I had never really seen what that meant. Poverty and unemployment are hot topics in the current economic situation, but news coverage is an abstract. People living below the poverty line, people who live hand to mouth, people who wonder how they’re going to make rent next month. Such people have never been a concrete reality for me, until now. Continue reading “Hello from a whole new world…”