First Day

Ghana is an amazing juxtaposition of bright colors and bare wood. We arrived in Ghana at around 8:00AM (3:00AM for those of you in the US), and most of us are operating on minimal sleep. But the energy here has a way of waking you up. We drove from Accra to Mankessim, where we will be staying for the duration of the trip. After dropping our gear off, we drove to Heritage, where we were welcomed by the cheers and waves of the kindergarden students. We took  a quick tour through the school and “mini main hall,” which had just been completed at the end of this past summer. There was a vibrancy to the school that one could both feel and see. Several of the younger students approached us and shyly let us take pictures with them.

More to come…


One thought on “First Day

  1. That's my brother!

    Sound great! What have you eaten so far? How’s Alaska? Say hi to J8 and T. Kwesi and T. Michael for me! Post some picts on fb for us!

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