When In Doubt…

Hi Friends,
This is Emmanuel; once again as a member of the class of 2011, I feel grateful for all the support from the Faculty and Staff, parents and friends for doing amazing things for us. I feel blessed and eager to be a part of the cause in making this world a better place to live while learning something from everyone around us. Everyday is a learning opportunity so as I am doing this senior project with Carl and the Westtown Tech office, I hope that each and every one of us will be able to capitalize and complete their goals in the time period that we have. When in doubt, ask someone else with greater knowledge and understanding. Dont forget to breathe, be studious and keep moving. Now, here is the puzzle of the day…
Who would have thought four years ago that I would be learning all kinds of Computer programming languages? I arrived on the Westtown School campus  from Ghana in September 2007, and for my Senior Project, I hope to accomplish a task which implements an online version of the Brown and White newspapers. I am grateful to Carol Metzker, who sat down with me while in Ghana and taught me how to use a mouse and a keyboard to write my word documents.
Guess what? The first laptop computer that became my own was a gift from Teacher Mike Duffey. Now, that computer had ubuntu, a Linux platform, which is amazing if you are a gamer or someone who likes jamming. During freshmen year, my roommate Will’s laptop was what the French would describe as, “a la mode”  in fashion; he was using a MacBook and I believe he still is. Will gave me permission to explore some of the hottest programs like iMovie and GarageBand on his laptop and that got me thinking about getting a Mac for myself. Wow, I could tell the difference in efficiency,  processing and user-friendliness. In stone house, I would save files on a flash drive and connect it to a port on one of the Dell desktop computers in the lounge and print my papers. I learned a lot quickly about computers during that year and I wanted to know more so I applied to become a computer proctor for the beginning of my sophomore year.

February 21, 2011.
For the first time today, I had my eyes gazing at the splendor of communicating in machine language through directories and commands. My attention was caught, peeking through a new window that I have always ignored. Inside an application folder you may find the terminal program or “just right click on the desktop,” Carl suggests; there, open Terminal.
Whenever that window is open, it is blank like a new sheet of paper; it is a whole new world and today I took the courage to walk onto the Linux platform. I am not kidding. This important visit is for my conditioning, which is necessary if I really want the advantage as I will be walking on the sidewalks with another window and an interface to bridge communications. I am wired.
Yeah, so this week I have learning and getting things under control to do in the Terminal. Wow! The big wind was storming in my head. I realized today that this platform is nothing like Java. Gradually, I have learned a few commands and codes to get access to some data. After thorough reading, the compiler or maybe the run time module responds to my requests like a tour guide for the cool kid on the block. Here goes one of my inputs mkdir (make directory) Senior, and a new folder is created within the space that belongs to a user. “Very cool,” I say to Carl. Really, this is superb.

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