After about 30 hours of travel time, we have finally reached Thailand. We arrived at about 11:45 pm and even at night the temperature feels like 100 degrees. Thailand is a lot nicer then I thought it would be. Its kinda odd…I mean when you get off the plane you feel as though you are at a tropical island, but as you get closer to Bangkok, the atmosphere changes into city life, yet it still has that tropical feel, it’s hard to explain. Also they have really cool pink  and green taxis, and these open door cars/carts that act as a taxi. Once we arrived we got in a shuttle and went right to our hostel. Now, I never been to a hostel before, so I was a bit nervous. The only thing I know is that there is a community bathroom and you buy by bed not by room, which means you could be sharing a room with complete strangers, which is fine by me, but all I’m saying is it’s just not something I’m used to. Anyway, we were given our room keys and the place was really nice. there are seven guys and we are all in the same room with four bunk-beds. When we entered the room it was extremely hot, even worse than outside, and it smelled a bit. After we settled in the air came on and the smell drifted away, so we are now all comfortable. We decided that we would go out to Bangkok and get a late snack. One of the guys had some locks for the lockers, so I asked him if I could use one. I set my lock and everything seemed fine. I put all my belongings inside the locker just so everything was safe. I locked it up tight and left…Good idea right?…well just wait…more on that in a bit, so there we were out on the town in the middle of Bangkok. So much life for 2:00 in the morning. As we walked looking for a place to eat, many locals began bombarding us with things to buy.  Anyway we were able to brush them off even though they were convincing and we finally got something to eat. Unfortunately we were not feeling adventurous enough for the first night, so we ate at a Thailand restaurant classic…Mcdonald’s, home of the Big Mac. Except in Thailand it wasn’t that big. Everything was smaller. The average American would have needed to order three meals instead of one. After we ate we headed home. So remember I told you about that lock, well when we got back upstairs I needed a few things out of my suitcase. Unfortunately I couldn’t open my locker. The lock was stuck. I tried my combination a hundred times over. I even tried combinations near my number, nothing worked. I was seriously going to cry. I didn’t know what to do. I just kept saying to myself, “I told you Thailand wasn’t for you…you should have stayed home”. I was getting paranoid like I normally do. So I decided to go down stairs and ask the front desk for help. Luckily they had a bolt cutter and I was able to get my supplies out. Let me tell you explaining the situation to the Thai locals at the front desk was not an easy task. Now here I am getting ready for bed writing to my followers back home…(if I even have any and mom you don’t count). I don’t know if I will get wi-fi in the Elephant reservoir, but if I do i will be sure to keep updating. As for videos, I am filming the trip constantly, but I believe that it is too difficult to post videos from Thailand, so I promise the minute I return, I will try to post the videos up on here and YouTube. Also sorry about my last post I didn’t realize I was not allowed to mention names so no more children updates, however everyone seems like they are enjoying themselves and are really excited for what is to come. Thanks


3 thoughts on “THAILAND…finally

  1. Sheila Suber-Adeshoye

    Yes, enjoying all of the blogs from Thailand, buy more locks and keep your things secured. Enjoy the culture and ride in a tuktuk, ask my son about them.
    Tell him I miss him too. Ms. A

  2. johnmichaelthailand

    Hey Mom…thanks I am glad you like them. I’m trying to keep them lively. Everything is going good here. I’m getting more use to it but let me tell you you are so right when you say there is no place like home. And I knew you’d be upset about Mickey D’s but I was really nervous to eat anything because of that Italian travel doctor and everyone but wei hao was eating there so… Luckily I got over that and I’ve been eating some bizarre foods. just like Andrew Zimmerman (the host of bizarre foods). Overall I am having a good time and I can’t wait for the elephant park and yes I will take lots of pictures. Well that’s it for now. tell Brianna and Dad I say hi and that I am doing well. thanks and I’ll try to talk to you again. Love John-Michael

  3. Denise

    Love your posts – keep them coming if you can. So glad you all made it safely and are getting to experience Bangkok (but McDonalds?) Stay safe! Love,Mom

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