Photo Journal

Yesterday I cleaned out a hallway that was filled with all kinds of junk, sorted it, and cleaned the space. The next step is to paint. I also found out about a volunteer day at an urban farm called Earth Works. They farm about 10 acres all over vacant lots. I pruned apple trees and pear trees. We also started some bed prep. The guy who runs Earth Works called me up later for some extra help. After a free lunch from the farm I headed towards a location one of the Trumbull folks told me to check out but not what would be there. It is this massive art project that has taken over a vacant block! I came back to the Trumbull and split fire wood all afternoon. Tomorrow night I’m going to help out at a bike co-op called the Hub.



3 thoughts on “Photo Journal

  1. Mom

    I’m so enjoying all your postings. Your words are wonderful, but your photos are so amazing. Keep up the great work…and call home once in a while! Love you!

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