Finally here! We safely landed in Bangkok around midnight last night after total of 48 hours of traveling! That was the longest traveling for everyone, and when we got to the hostel, everyone was pretty much exhausted.

Let me do a briefing about what happened so far since my last post. Our flight to Detroit ended up being delayed for 2 hours and 30 minutes. So, when we landed in Detroit, we had no time to waste and started to run towards the other gate. We barely made it to the connecting flight! It was an exciting moment for everyone, running across the whole terminal from one end to the other. Everything seemed to work out after the flight to Detroit. Our flight to Tokyo was long, but comfortable and we were able to get on the flight to Bangkok without any problems. We got in the vans after we landed in Bangkok and headed to our hostel that we will be staying in for the next few days. After we were assigned to our rooms, we went out briefly to grab some dinner to McDonalds. I know what you’re thinking, American food while in Thailand? But, it was close to 1 in the morning, and it was open for 24 hours. So basically we had no choice.

It’s close to 10 in the morning here, and we are about to go visit the King’s temple… I’ll upload the pictures later. But briefly, the things we noticed so far about Bangkok and Thailand. Everything is so cheap here! Our meals at McDonald’s were 3 to 5 dollars. We went out to the market last night to get to McDonald’s and there are were lots of people out still at 1AM! Bangkok is the city that never sleeps! There are lots of street shops, there were people who recognized us as tourists and tried to take us to restaurants and other weird places. People seem nice around here.

I think everyone is going to have fun here! We are all so excited for the 2 weeks that we have ahead of us.

So now, off to the temple we go!


February 24, 2011

One thought on “Thailand!

  1. Sheila Suber-Adeshoye

    Hi Lynn,
    Glad you guys are enjoying your visit so far in Thailand. Yes, enjoy the food and all of it’s culture. Please take many photos of the city and of you guys to share with us Mom’s. Tell my son I miss him and to be safe. and take pictures.
    Love to him and all of you,
    Ms. Adeshoye

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