From the hip hop show to the farm

Hello everyone,

The last couple of days have been really great. My last night at the Trumbullplex for this visit happened to land on a great hip hop show. The first act was a classical piano and the second was a sludge band but the last three was really good hip hop. The whole show was a benefit for Bradley Manning. He is an openly gay man in the military who leaked tons of documents to Wikileaks. After only a few hours of sleep I went with a collective member to eastern market; the world’s biggest and best indoor farmers market. It happens every Saturday and there is nothing quite like it.

I got picked up by Greg for the move to Brother Nature Produce. I met two local high school girls who have applied to all Ivies but they drove out of the suburbs to the farm to try to “do something that’s not for a college application.” It was funny to hear their view-point. Two suburban girls who had never really been in Detroit farming for the first time, in a city. After they left Greg and I did a little bit more farming and showed me around his house. I crashed in my new room (which has a BED!!) for a couple of hours. I got up from my nap and made dinner with Greg. I accidentally touched my eye after cutting some Habanero peppers and Greg whipped up a citrus concoction to wash out my eye to stop the burning. As I hung out with a paper towel soaked in OJ Greg told me stories of getting pepper sprayed as a younger activist at marches and demonstrations.

Tomorrow we’ll be working bright and early and I’m going to head back to the Trumbullplex around 12 to help out with a theater work day.



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