Coming to a Close

I am slowly realizing that my time here is almost over. Monday night we will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean, and landing back home. I must admit that I am looking forward to being home. This trip has been beyond wonderful and I have learned so much about this place and about myself, but it is down right physically and emotionally exhausting.  Everyday we are constantly moving from one place to another, getting different perspectives, and trying to make some sense of what we are hearing and seeing. This is one of those trips that you don’t want to go on forever.  It is just too much.

Even though our days are jammed full, there is so much more that I wish I could do. I went into this trip thinking of it as an introduction, and I still feel the same way. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be back, whether on a vacation or for an extended amount of time, I know that I will see this place again.

We are spending our last night in an intentional community between Israeli Arabs and Jews called Neve Shalom/ Wahat al-Salam (Oasis of Peace).  We got in around six and don’t learn about this place until tomorrow so all I can say now is how beautiful it is. I spent sometime tonight outside of my room and taking in the view. There is a beautiful vista of different towns and cities twinkling in the darkness. As I was looking out I thought about everything that I have seen and done this trip. In my first post I said that I didn’t really understand how my life was going to be changed. Now, I think I am starting to understand. It is very hard to put into words, but I feel as if I see the world more fully. Everything I have ever seen is put into context, everything seems relative to everything else.

Today, we had meeting for worship at Ramallah Monthly Meeting, and someone stood up and said at the end of their message, “Don’t forget about here”. That is, of course, easier than it sounds. I know that I will forget exactly how I felt on this trip, but I hope beyond everything that some little feeling will always be there and remind me that the world is so much greater than me.


2 thoughts on “Coming to a Close

  1. Doug Kreitzberg

    To be a poet, you have to see things clearly with the eye and feel them deeply with the heart. You have the gift of the poet and it touches me deeply, son.

  2. Suzanne K

    You bring a tear to my eye, John. So very proud of the person you are becoming. Drink it in, Buddy. Life truly is beautiful.

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