T-1 Day to Israel and Palestine!

Date: February 28, 2013
Location: Westtown School

My name is Junda and I am glad to be on this awesome trip to Israel and Palestine. My last class before Senior Project has just ended, so I figure it is time to post the first blog of my journey.

My interest in this trip dates back to Freshmen year. My friend Wyatt Pace, a senior 4 years ago, went on this trip and did a photography project. As a photographer myself, his work fascinated me and inspired me to follow up on this journey. I have also always been interested history and political theory. After being told that my schedule would not allow me to take Hiroshima to 9/11, a course on international politics and affairs in post WWII, I decided that I will go to Israel and Palestine for my Senior Project. On my own, I have been following any related news posts, learning about the roots of the conflict as well as doing research on various factors that are contributing to the cause.

On this trip, we will be visiting historical and religious sites, crossing between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, visiting communities and organizations and hearing stories about the Jewish settlement and the conflict from both sides’ perspectives. It is going to be an exciting and controversial experience as we will hear very different view points with open-mindness.

I am mostly excited to document this world with my camera. My project report includes a published photo book that can hopefully objectively describe what I will see and experience.

2 thoughts on “T-1 Day to Israel and Palestine!

  1. Karen Gallagher

    I am eager to travel on this journey vicariously through your blog. You’re setting out on a completely new cultural immersion. Soak it in completely, as you always do. Safe travels.

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