“Oh My God, White People”

Originally written March 10, 2013

View from Elmina Slave Castle
View from Elmina Slave Castle

Today was a brief break from “rural” living and a respite in paradise (tourist traps). In the morning we made a two-hour drive and found ourselves in Elmina, touring its slave castle and practically pooping our pants over seeing all the obronis that weren’t in our group. Despite all the terrible things that happened in Elmina Slave Castle, the architecture was beautiful and the views from the buttresses were breathtaking. (Though being shut in one of the windowless cells for several moments by our tour guide was a little unsettling.)

Afterward we drove over to Coconut Grove Resort for lunch. I satisfied my American food craving with a heaping serving of fried fish and French fries with some Sprite (what I wouldn’t give for a good ol’ burger right now, though). We ate right by the beach, to the sound of crashing waves and the salty smell of the ocean breeze. The currents are so strong that we were only allowed to go in up to our knees, but it was still a blast. There was also a swimming pool, ice cream, and WORKING SINKS AND FLUSHING TOILETS. It almost felt like we weren’t in Ghana anymore.

To finish up our day out we went shopping in Cape Coast and bartered our way to some fairly successful hauls. Laden with jewelry, wood carvings, bright clothes, and beads, we made the long drive back to the guest house for another evening of relaxation and group bonding.

It’s back to teaching tomorrow – hopefully we’ll all get into the swing of leading a classroom by the end of this week!

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