Originally written March 16, 2013

Our love group at Kakum
Our lovely group at Kakum

We spent all day out and about. It was a fairly early morning and we all piled into a bus to begin the two and a half hour journey to Kakum National Park. It was considerably cooler and damper under the dense trees and we had to watch our step on the uneven stone path up the steep hill. We were drenched in sweat before we even made it halfway up.

At the top we climbed up into a little gazebo attached to a suspended rope bridge that stretched across a huge expanse of treetops and open air – the first of seven. They varied in height and length but swung and dipped and jerked back and forth as we made our shaky way across. The air was permeated with our shrieks and Teacher Narissa was hyperventilating behind all of us – but the view was incredible and we all agree that if given the chance we’d go back to take it all in again.

After the long trek back down the hill we went back to Cape Coast for our last big day of shopping.

Tomorrow marks the last day of teaching and the day after our stay in Ghana draws to a close – a bittersweet feeling all around.

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