Into the Jungle


While I’m not going into a literal jungle, in about a week, my dad and I are taking the train up to New York City! For my Senior Project, I will be doing a basic internship at The Huffington Post with Julee Wilson, the Style & Beauty Editor of the Black Voices section. During my internship, I will be trained in writing, reporting, and may even get to post a few of my articles on the official Huffington Post website. My main focus will be on covering the news and interesting topics, and carrying out any other tasks the staff may need me to do (go interns!).

I chose this project because of my infatuation with writing. While I’m not quite sure what path my writing will take me down, I plan on majoring in English in college and preparing myself for a possible future in journalism. Having this experience at The Huffington Post will not only give me a taste of what it’s like to write professionally, but will also be great practice for just about anything I choose to do with writing. Throughout my project, l hope to learn more about social media, writing headlines, handling stories and videos, keeping a watchful eye for breaking news and important stories, and pitching and producing content for a specific audience.

Writing aside, as a girl born, raised, and in love with the suburbs, I think one of the biggest challenges for me will be getting accustomed to city life. This includes taking public transportation (buses and subways), being surrounded by people 24/7, and hearing every aspect of life that’s happening around me whether I want to or not (no matter where you are, silence is golden). Regardless, the chance to work at The Huffington Post is well worth it. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned! 🙂


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