Getting Ready

I can’t believe that senior projects are only eight days away and I will be heading off to the Philadelphia Airport with nineteen other seniors to experience a whole new culture. The Israel Palestine conflict is on the news all of the time, but not many people, including myself, have a good understanding of what the conflict is about.

I chose the Israel Palestine faculty led senior project because I knew that it would be an unforgettable trip that I could never do on my own. T. Melissa and her husband John Evans have connections on the Israeli and Palestinian side that will make this trip full of first hand encounters. I am especially looking forward to the home stays with students from our sister school, Ramallah Friends School. To include my interest in photography, I will be taking photos throughout our journey and composing a photo journal when I return.

Our itinerary is packed full of exciting workshops, tours, meetings, and homestays. We will be traveling to Jerusalem, The Galilee and Nazareth, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and the Jordan Valley where we will be able to form our own opinions about the conflict. I do not understand very much about the conflict so I am really looking forward to coming back with more knowledge about what is happening and being able to form my own opinion.

This weekend I will be packing and finding water shoes so that I can swim in the Dead Sea!

Check back for photos and updates!


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