And the Adventure Begins….

We had all lugged our massive bags down the stairs to central where we met the rest of our group. Then we couldn’t find Tom. Well, he showed up just in time and we all laughed, wondering how often that would happen on our trip. We heaved our luggage into the van and headed on our way to the Wilmington Train Station. The train was delayed a whole hour so I spent my time people watching. After a not-so-long train ride, because I slept most of the way down, we arrived at Union Station. We left the station and walked probably what was about 15 blocks to the William Penn House where we were staying. This a Quaker hostel where people stay while they are doing service in the direct community. After finding our beds and getting settled, we went to search for some food. I’m not going to lie, food is probably the thing I am most excited about. Not to mention creating friendships with the other people on this trip. The group walked up 7th street and the onto Pennsylvania Avenue where we found this incredible Mexican place that was similar to Chipotle called District Taco. If you’re ever in DC, I recommend it. We walked back to the house in the bitter cold, and decided to have a game night. So, we picked the best ice breaker game ever, Apples to Apples. We are already connecting as a group and it looks like we have a lot more fun times ahead of us.

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