Up, Up, And Away!

That time is finally here! Tomorrow I will be leaving to go to Ghana. We will leave from Westtown at 1:30 PM, and drive to JFK airport in NYC. Our long 10 hour flight takes off at 8:45 PM. The excitement has been building up inside me for this whole week and knowing that the day is finally here is extremely hard to bear. In Ghana I will be able to learn about a culture, and way of living of which I have never experienced before. It will be total cultural immersion, and the lack of technology from our daily lives, will be a great addition to the experience. My goal is to get to know the students of Heritage academy, and to enjoy the course which I will be teaching them.

I have chosen to teach a course called “Environmental Problems Around the World.” The goal of this course is to inform the kids about the environmental problems that have been affecting our world for so long. I am telling them about all kinds of places, for example: the Alps, pollution in major U.S. cities, coral reefs, rain forests, and the poles suffering from climate change. I hope that they take away some valuable information that will make them see the world in a whole new way. We are living as one, and it is very important to know about each others problems.

I finished my lesson plans this week, and I can say that I am exuberant to get into the classroom. The plan is to teach for 10 or 11 days, with 2 courses a day. I also believe that while doing this, I will also learn so much about myself. I will gain important traits which I will use in college and life after my schooling.

I will see you all when I return! To my Westtown family, I love you guys. Have fun on your projects if you are going on one; and to the kids staying at school, try and have fun. See you after Spring break!

Bye mom and dad! ❤

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