6 March!

March 6

We got to sleep in until 8 this morning because there was no school. I rolled out of bed to find pancakes and delicious eggs waiting for me. After breakfast, we all got dressed and walked over to the marching grounds at the local education university. As we watched the military march, and kind of listers to the speech being made, we felt raindrops. It is currently the dry season here, but this rain cloud just couldn’t hold it in. As the students began to march, the rain came down harder, and the wind blew it into my body. The students continued to march while others ran for cover under trees and small tents. I embraced every second because I finally wasn’t on the verge of sweating just from standing around. When tree branches started falling we saw lightning, and decided to head home.

When we got to the house I changed into dry clothes and sat on the porch to watch some of the group play soccer with some of our students. The rain didn’t stop football. Everybody came in for PB and J’s for lunch. The living room was dark (the power was out and the sky was grey) so everybody decided it would be a good time to nap. We all fell asleep at some point somewhere in the house and woke up late I the afternoon. We spent the rest of our time playing card games and speaking with locals.

After dinner, we decided to go to town. The rain had finally stopped and there was nothing to do in the powerless house. Bright took us to Jimmycom (a local bar) and we danced outside with very insistent people. Everybody wanted to dance with the white people. In order to keep some of the older men away we lied about having boyfriends, but they taught us some dance moves anyways. After we had enough, we walked back to the house, reflecting on the day as we went. When we got home we settled for watching a tv episode and started a movie. Hopefully we will finish it tomorrow.

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