Green Paint

March 5

I woke up to my alarm today. I’m surprised that my phone didn’t die overnight, given that it only had 10% battery when I went to bed. We had pancakes for breakfast; a nice way to start our day. As soon as we got to school I could tell it was going to be a hot day. We all sat in the shade for our first reading period, trying our best to avoid the overwhelming sun. One of the students in my second reading period was surprised to know that I had remembered that today was her birthday, and couldn’t stop smiling for the whole time. Today they asked me to read some for them, and then tried to repeat the way I spoke: like an Obroni.

Our first class went very well today. All the kids were in a good mood and seemed to like our introduction to poetry. I was excited about this because I had been a little bit nervous about the lesson plan. It was very difficult to teach because of the constant sound of drumming outside of the classroom. The students were practicing marching for tomorrow, the Ghanaian Independence Day. As soon as it stopped, it was much easier to speak from the front of the classroom.

We spent our free period up in the “point breeze”. It’s a small room up in the high school where there is constant wind. I was glad to have the opportunity to cool off after a long morning. Lunch was delicious. We had red red and plantains (my favorite meal so far). The classes that followed went well and I feel like we are getting closer and closer to the kids. However, I still can’t remember all of their names. Still many come up to me telling me that they are the second Jordan they know. Thanks to a friend, most of the kids already knew I was coming.

We began our work project after school today. We split into three groups: library, painting and cement block making. I decided to go with the painters group. We were asked to paint one of the future classrooms. We were given a bright green color, watered down of course! My arms soon became tired from reaching as high as I could (I was the tallest in the group). After about an hour, we retired our brushes to some if the heritage high schoolers who had been watching us paint. We decided to walk home opposed to taking a cab. Although it was a challenge for my boot, I enjoyed the fresh air. After dinner and group meeting, I showered and rinsed all the green paint off of my body. We spent the rest of the night making friendship bracelets (the only thing we do to pass the time, thanks to Laura), watching episodes of a crazy tv show (thanks to jack) and sitting underneath the stars. The highlight if my day however was talking to somebody from the US. I’m missing all of my friends and family (and proper running water. Although I find comfort in the simplicity of life here).

I am very excited to watch my students march tomorrow, but I think I’m more excited that I get a break from teaching. I have a new sympathy for all of my teachers. Tomorrow I’m going to work on replying to all the students that wrote me notes, and talking my lesson plan through with Erin. Until tomorrow, obronis!

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