The full Ghanain experience

ImageHey guys!,

I am so sorry that I have not been able to get on here and blog more often. We have been having so much fun in Ghana, and have been pretty busy. It is very hot here. I hope you are enjoyiong the cold weather at home 🙂

Yesterday we drove an hour and a half to go to Cape Coast. We explored the slave castles and gladly lounged at the beach/resort. The resort was so nice. We ate a serene lunch along the ocean. We then sat by the pool and swam for hours.

This morning, we went to a Catholic church service. It was extremely different than the masses I am used to back in the states. It involves a lot of dancing and shouting. It was a very interesting experience to see how others worship.

The trip so far has been everything that people said it was going to be; life changing. The students in Heritage Academy have all been so welcoming and happy to see us. Although I miss home, I am having a blast here in Ghana. It is the trip of a lifetime. I have been keeping a journal every night with things we are doing. It would be a little challenging to upload them all onto here; but I can tell you that we are very much so enjoying ourselves, and we will fill you in on everything when we get back home.

I will see all of you in a week or so!



One thought on “The full Ghanain experience

  1. terryhaviland

    Hi Bud. Don’t know if you will get this or not but just wanted to say hello. We are doing well here. Going to dinner today around 5:00 with Grandmom so we will tell her you say hello. Have a great time.

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