Building a Cathedral

During soccer season, Kwesi always liked to make metaphors that related soccer to other real life experiences. His go-to story was about building a cathedral. He would tell us to look at every single game, and even practice, as building another block. He would always try to make the point that we should not always think of it as the journey to winning a championship, but one block at a time; and before you know it, you will have yourself a full cathedral. Continue reading “Building a Cathedral”

The full Ghanain experience

ImageHey guys!,

I am so sorry that I have not been able to get on here and blog more often. We have been having so much fun in Ghana, and have been pretty busy. It is very hot here. I hope you are enjoyiong the cold weather at home 🙂

Yesterday we drove an hour and a half to go to Cape Coast. We explored the slave castles and gladly lounged at the beach/resort. The resort was so nice. We ate a serene lunch along the ocean. We then sat by the pool and swam for hours.

This morning, we went to a Catholic church service. It was extremely different than the masses I am used to back in the states. It involves a lot of dancing and shouting. It was a very interesting experience to see how others worship.

The trip so far has been everything that people said it was going to be; life changing. The students in Heritage Academy have all been so welcoming and happy to see us. Although I miss home, I am having a blast here in Ghana. It is the trip of a lifetime. I have been keeping a journal every night with things we are doing. It would be a little challenging to upload them all onto here; but I can tell you that we are very much so enjoying ourselves, and we will fill you in on everything when we get back home.

I will see all of you in a week or so!



Up, Up, And Away!

That time is finally here! Tomorrow I will be leaving to go to Ghana. We will leave from Westtown at 1:30 PM, and drive to JFK airport in NYC. Our long 10 hour flight takes off at 8:45 PM. The excitement has been building up inside me for this whole week and knowing that the day is finally here is extremely hard to bear. In Ghana I will be able to learn about a culture, and way of living of which I have never experienced before. It will be total cultural immersion, and the lack of technology from our daily lives, will be a great addition to the experience. My goal is to get to know the students of Heritage academy, and to enjoy the course which I will be teaching them.

I have chosen to teach a course called “Environmental Problems Around the World.” The goal of this course is to inform the kids about the environmental problems that have been affecting our world for so long. I am telling them about all kinds of places, for example: the Alps, pollution in major U.S. cities, coral reefs, rain forests, and the poles suffering from climate change. I hope that they take away some valuable information that will make them see the world in a whole new way. We are living as one, and it is very important to know about each others problems.

I finished my lesson plans this week, and I can say that I am exuberant to get into the classroom. The plan is to teach for 10 or 11 days, with 2 courses a day. I also believe that while doing this, I will also learn so much about myself. I will gain important traits which I will use in college and life after my schooling.

I will see you all when I return! To my Westtown family, I love you guys. Have fun on your projects if you are going on one; and to the kids staying at school, try and have fun. See you after Spring break!

Bye mom and dad! ❤