Back at School- Reflecting

It feels weird to be back. I have been gone for ONE month, and it seems like everything is different. For years, my mother has been telling me and my three siblings that family is the most important thing. And now I fully see how true that is. For the majority of my trip, I didn’t even communicate with my friends at home because I was so busy cooking, looking at pictures, and hearing stories. I went days without even looking at my phone. It didn’t matter because I had the most important people in my life around me for the duration of my trip. Who you are related to will never change, and although we all may sometimes wish  it did, it means the most to understand and appreciate what everyone has done in their lives and what they do for you. Each family member has a different story, different struggles, and a different outlook on how to be a better person.

My only wish is that I did this project earlier. I wish I could have met Uncle Fred, Uncle Phil, Aunt Anne, Mama Bubb, Daddy Bubb, along with many others, but life doesn’t always happen that way. I am just happy I was able to live in the memories of all that have passed and all who won’t be there when the next generation comes, asking about stories from those before them. And when they ask, I will be able to tell them, carrying on every legend and every joke… all because of this journey.

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