First day

On my first day as an intern in PCN Publicidad I met the company’s owner outside a building, but I was really nervous because I did not even know what he looked like. Once I met the owner, Ricardo Bonilla, he took me to three meetings with different customers. First we went to SHIRE and Ricardo introduced and talked about his company and what they did. I heard the whole conversation and after the meeting was done Ricardo told me he was introducing his company to SHIRE to see if they would be interested in their service.

The second meeting was with Copidrogas and this meeting was a little different. Copidrogas already knew PCN and in the meeting Ricardo was presenting ideas for a conference Copidrogas will be having about how to renovate pharmacies. After that we went to the last meeting that was at HEEL. In this meeting he also presented ideas, HEEL wants to do a video for veterinaries on how to apply drugs on dogs and Ricardo gave them options on how to do it. After those three meetings, I went home with a notebook full of notes!

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