Third one’s the charm

Just kidding it is not, at least not this time. On the third day I went to the office and Andres, another worker in the company, asked me for help with a translation. PCN was doing an event for a company in Sao Pablo and they had to send emails to the customer in Spanish and English just to make sure everything was understood. After that, Ricardo gave me homework. That day after work I had to think about creative ideas to present to two customers: Copidrogas and Biotoscana. In the afternoon I went with Camilo to check out a conference room in the JW Marriot Hotel for an event. I thought the room was not spacious enough for 280 people, but the customer was happy with it. We took measurements to make sure what kind of equipment they should bring and what size of banners and posters they should bring. After the visit was done I went home and thought about my assignment.

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