The fourth day was a little nerve wracking because I was presenting my ideas for the events to Ricardo. The first thing I said was that I did not really have anything for the Copidrogas presentation but that I had a lot for the Biotoscana one. On the brief that Ricardo had given me the day before about the event, he said it is going to be a conference for doctors in Panama where they will introduce a new product. Since it is during the World Cup they wanted to have that as a theme or include it somehow. The first thing I proposed, which was Ricardo’s and my favorite, was that to introduce the conference and the product there should bea video. The video should be like the begining of a soccer game where an announcer is announcing the games and the players and they could make the products the player and introduce the new product like the awesome new player. I also proposed to have Greek and Colombian appetizers for the soccer game Colombia-Greece and to take the doctors out to the Panama bridge and to a restaurant nearby. Before I talked about the other event, Ricardo stopped me and said to work on it again that night and to remember never to tell a client that you could not come up with ideas, ever!

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