Day 2 and 3 in Rome

Greetings from Rome! In these two days, we visited the Roman Forum. The Roman Forum is a prestigious historical site that includes critical government buildings, communal infrastructures, and religious temples at the kernel of Rome during its heyday. Most of the buildings, however, were partly destroyed in 410 CE when the Ostrogoths of Alaric sacked the town. The ruins left cannot conceal the magnificence and dignity of the site still shine. While vising the site, I immediately recalled the stunning similarity between the Forum and Chinese Gardens of Perfect Brightness, built at the mercy of the Emperor but destroyed and sacked by British and French armies in 1860. These sites always created a huge impact on me, as I am able to witness both the past prosperity of the places and the vicissitude of the world. YMY

Chinese Gardens of Perfect Brightness


The Roman Forum

A significant challenge for me (or probably everyone in our group) was to envision the original appearance of the remains. Since all buildings were badly destroyed, I bought a book that represents the reconstructed view of the buildings. In the following photos, I will show you both the original and current views (shown in my book) of the remains.


Current IMG_0304

Original IMG_0309


Original IMG_0306



Fun fact: Yesterday, we had a short Meeting for Worship at the San Luigi dei Francesi Church in Traverstere! However, it was hard for me to concentrate and settle down, because the walls in the church were so flamboyantly adorned. At that instant, I suddenly realized why Quakers promote austerity and why Quaker Meeting House generally adopts a humble architectural style. Being less distracted helps people to focus better. IMG_0254 Sincerely,

Joe Zhu

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