Entry 2: Recording begins

I realized that in my last post I didn’t quite explain my Senior Project! My roommate Will and I are spending a week in New York and we’re recording our music with two  different producers. One is our friend Matt who lives in an apartment in Bushwick. This is where we are staying for the  time we will be in New York. The recording setup is strange and fun. It’s similar to what we would use at home, so it’s very comfortable. Matt is able to help us get each track we’ve been working on really going in the right direction, while adding elements to them from his own experience working and touring with the band Friends, which was on the label Lucky Number out of England. The second producer is a friend we recently made named Caleb. He works at Redbull’s studio in Manhattan, so the equipment is all pretty ridiculous and much more high quality than what we are used to. We have two days scheduled this weekend in that tricked out studio Redbull has put together there, and Will and I are both nervous and incredibly excited to move into that realm of recording.

The city is an interesting place to record – very different from home. Walking outside trees are replaced with concrete structures and the occasional deer running in front of someone’s Prius is instead a homeless man searching for loose cigarettes. It has its charm for sure, and is a nice change being able to travel about on foot or subway instead of having to get into one of my parent’s 4 wheeled vehicles.


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