Finally Starting Our Service in South Africa!

We visited the community of Capricorn today. There we met interns working with Living Hope (a local faith based non-profit that provides supports for those struggling with addiction, HIV/AIDS, poverty, etc). We made portable hand washing stations which we will distribute to residents tomorrow in an effort to reduce the rates of diarrhea in the neighborhood. 

You start with an old soda bottle, drill two holes in the cap, insert a tube in one, fill bottle with water. Give it a gentle squeeze and gravity will help the water flow.  We also learned about the causes of diarrhea (contamination with fecal matter via flies and dirty hands, etc) and how to treat dehydration, especially in small children. 

Electrolyte mixture as prescribed by the department of health. 

Two of the guides going with us tomorrow role-played how to engage clients. 

The students are excited and nervous at the same time about the start of their service projects.  As the Service Coordinator it’s exciting to experience this part of our journey here together. 

It was a misty day and the winds picked up this afternoon. Here’s hoping the sun comes back tomorrow!

-T. Melissa

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