Computer Science Intern- Day 1

Today I began my first day as a computer science intern at IONX here in West Chester. Today I was getting setup with my new project and learning what my new project is. I had a few meetings to begin the day that taught me what IONX, and my boss Matt, wants from me. This picture is from one of my meetings where I was shown what I will be using to work on my project.

20160307_095422I learned only 10 minutes into the workday that Matt will be in California for the entire week, so I will not be working with him for now. I began my actual workday messing around with the types of code statements that I will be using, called queries, which allow me to analyze data. The project that I have been assigned is to analyze data from a couple of locations across the United States that IONX is using to test its new sensor system. I will be analyzing the data that the sensors give us and developing code, or queries, that can analyze the data quickly for any errors. Using computer programs to analyze the data is much quicker and easier than manually combing through thousands of entries to find errors. Today I began writing the queries with my coworker, Trevor. Trevor is the youngest person at IONX at only 23 years old. He and I are working well together where we have been talking a lot about other interests that we both share. He is teaching me some of the necessary steps needed to develop programs. I look forward to developing my computer coding skills with Trevor.

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