Computer Science Intern – Day 5

Today ended by first week at IONX where I have been working as a computer science intern doing data analysis and developing some programs that can be used to analyze data. Today marked the finish of my first program, for the most part. What the project does is goes through and gets all data that is stored in an offsite server and pulls of the data to a grid on the computer. The program then turns that data into a CSV file. A CSV file is a comma separated value file, which is basically an excel sheet, but instead of boxes separating the data it is commas. All in all the program is not too complicated, but there were a couple of sections where I got a little lost on how to proceed, luckily Trevor, my boss, was able to help coach me through the steps. I am attaching a pdf of a copy of the main part of the code which was developed and written in a program called LINQPad using C# and LINQ languages. Program code.

Here are also some pictures of IONX. This is their headquarters where multiple companies are based out of. About 30 people work here and behind the building is a train yard where they can test and demonstrate their new products.

20160310_15050120160311_151337 Next week I will be continuing to develop my programs and making it more dynamic for different cases of where it can be used.

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