Twitter Takeover

It’s Women Only Week over at When the Gramophone Rings! I had one of my pieces posted on Wednesday (which can be read here) and today I am managing the Twitter account for the blog. Women Only Week has been quite a treat to see unfold. All of the ladies that write for the blog are incredibly talented and we all have our own approach to choosing music and writingXYLO-wow-900x540.jpg about it. It’s also really neat to see all of the wonderful female artists who are out there right now and uplift them. This week we have two types of posts. The first type is just the standard write up we do, but this week they’re all about songs from women. The second type is very special. We have guest posts where female musicians talk about a female inspiration, either musical or otherwise. We had a great piece from LOOP talking about why pop queen Christina Aguilera is her musical inspiration and I loved seeing how women can encourage and help each other. We’ve also got a piece from Amber Bain of The Japanese House coming and that will be something spectacular. Bain is one of the most gifted females working in music right now and it will be the perfect ending to a girl power week!
Taking over the Twitter account is a lot of fun. People really like to interact with the blog and it’s nice to see how they enjoy reading what we post. A lot of artists even give feedback about what we write about them. I think Twitter is a great vehicle for sharing music. It’s easy to interact with people and it’s always short and sweet because of the character limit on tweets.

On the SXSW front, I’m finalizing my schedule and starting to pack. The number of bands that are performing for official and unofficial showcases is insane. It’s impossible to see everyone because so many venues have shows at the same time, so I’m having a hard time picking and choosing which artists I want to see. I’ll probably end up running around like a headless chicken between venues, but at least I’ll get to see more artists!




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