Visiting a sustainable business

Yesterday we traveled all the way to the other side of San Francisco to check out a store called Indosole. This company makes soles for shoes out of used tires, and since the beginning of the business, they have deterred about 30,000 tires from landfill! This company first caught our attention by their B-Corp certification and sustainable promise. I was in contact with the founder of Indosole, but we were running out of time so we had to visit the company and forget about trying to schedule a meeting with the owner. Luckily the owner’s brother was there and was telling us about their work with the community of workers from their factory in Peru. Indosole has plans to help the community grow by providing schooling for the children near their factory. He also told us how much they value a sustainable business and how hard they continuously work to keep up their sustainable promise to customers.


Yesterday I also learned the value of stepping out of my comfort zone and just talking to people. I would not have learned so much about Indosole’s future mission if I did not begin talking to the workers. Also, one of the workers grew up ten minutes from my house and was supposed to attend George School to continue her family’s legacy… It’s a small world.

Here are pictures of me and Molly’s new shoes!


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