Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary

March 1, 2017

After years of hearing about how amazing my cousins Elephant Sanctuary in Quitman, Arkansas, was from my father and uncle, this Friday I will finally get to observe it for myself. Earlier this year I became in contact with my cousins, asking if they could spare two spots for my friend and I to come and intern there for two weeks. Luckily, they had some extra room and the plans were finalized.

I saw this opportunity to work with elephants as a way for me to do things that I really love- working with animals and the study of the brain. Elephants have some of the best memories in the animal kingdom, and as someone who is interested in neuroscience I saw this as a perfect time to learn from them. Although there may be other research projects going on at the time that I might be a part of, I hope to observe and work with the elephants and do some basic research myself. When I come back from this project I hope to have a greater insight on the habits of elephants and the responsibility that comes along with caring for such a large creature.

Jesse Strommer


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