Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

Hello Everyone!

My name is Julia Pavlov, a senior at The Westtown School and from the small town of Royersford, Pennsylvania. On Thursday, March 9th I will embark on a lengthy and treacherous journey to a land unknown, or in other words, I will be making the five and a half hour flight to Bogotá, Colombia. After I arrive I will begin my work with a foundation named Hogar San Mauricio, where I will be working with young children. My jobs at this organization may vary from helping care for the children to teaching them basic English-speaking skills. In addition to this, I will also be observing the Colombian way of life. Unfortunately there is a massive amount of negative rhetoric surrounding this country and I really want to prove these assumptions wrong. I would hate to go on this adventure alone, so if you like, stay tuned for updates!

That’s all for now and thanks for reading!


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