My Office For the Week- Cooking with a James Beard Award Winning Chef.

March 4,2018 10:00 P.M. CST


– The Kitchen at the Belfry in Kansas City.

Well it has been a crazy first three days in Kansas City. As soon as I touched down, I knew it was going to be an amazing week. The first real surprise that I received was that within five minutes of getting off of my flight I had my checked bag. This, of course, was a complete first for me, because whenever you fly into a place like Philadelphia it takes at least a half an hour for the bags to get to you. As soon as I had gotten my bag I met with Chef Tio and we were off. The second surprise that I received was where we went for lunch. I would have never thought that I could get a Philly Cheese steak that was good outside of Philly. Boy I was wrong. Below is me enjoying a piece of home in Kansas city. (They even import the right rolls from Philly so it’s a true Philly cheese steak.)

IMG-5591 After that we headed over to the Belfry to open up, and get prep done before shift. That is when I met Keith who works in the kitchen, and John & Dan who are the bartenders. It just happened to be First Friday in KC, which is a giant arts night around town, so they told me to be ready for anything. Most of my night included making different types of dough, deviled eggs, and running food. We left early that night due to me almost falling asleep after eating my dinner because I was tired from traveling. As soon as I got back to Chef’s house I got in bed and fell asleep. Saturday began with me sleeping in until around ten-ish. Today was a long day ahead of me. Between working again that night Chef and I went and did most of the shopping for the restaurant. This also meant we had to go to the restaurant Depot. As we pulled into the parking space Chef told me, “If you hear beeping get the heck out-of-the-way, because they have these forklifts go way too fast and the will run over you.” Just towards the end of the shopping, I almost did get run over. Then it was back to the belfry to begin service. We stayed pretty late working in the kitchen due to a few massive waves of people coming for dinner. Luckily Sundays are an off day so we could relax tomorrow. Well I was somewhat right.  In between picking up Yiheng who is another senior doing the project with me, and him suggesting that we go to a doctoral piano recital; we got a run in at the local park.  And here we are back to work tomorrow. I cant wait to see what this week has a head of me!

–  Noah

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