Friday: Sanding and Finishing — Ethan

Another relatively short day in the shop, but again, successful and efficient. I’d guess I’ve completed about two thirds of the grunt work as far as power-sanding everything down, and today felt especially productive because I was moving back and forth periodically between the main room of the shop, outside (the free ventilation was a major upside), and the finishing room. The first coat of finish I applied was just a simple dilution of tung oil (with a nice citrus-y smell), and the walnut transformed before my eyes into its distinctive dark and rich finished form. Walnut always surprises me with just how much it changes with finish.


Currently sitting finished and awaiting assembly are three of the legs (the fourth is waiting on glue to dry that is filling some checks in the wood), the tray that will live under the table, and the large shelf that will live on the wall above the table. Tomorrow’s work will be sanding the slab tabletop itself, the final leg, and finally, finally, finally, gluing and assembly.






Tray and three legs finished

One thought on “Friday: Sanding and Finishing — Ethan

  1. karen gallagher

    Beautiful! Tung oil transforms the walnut—-allowing its rich texture to shine through. There is nothing as satisfying as watching it transform with oil and a well-rubbed finish.

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