TourBot 5: IT’S DONE

I know its now past official senior project time and spring break now… but I think I have a legitimate excuse for not finishing TourBot.

I was competing with the Westtown Robotics Team at the Springside Chesnut Hill Regional Event with this robot. We took 2nd.

So back to TourBot…

Last time I posted, TourBot looked like this. I could have called it done and wired it but it would have been ugly. So I took it apart again and broke out the krylon…


After painting everything I put it back together,


admired my work, and started to wire it.


I soldered leads on the motors and connected them to the Speed Controllers and wired them to the battery. I also added a charging port so the robot can be plugged into the wall like a cell phone or laptop to charge the battery.

WP_20130319_008 cropped
yeah.. my wiring job isn’t exactly pretty… I know…

Besides programing TourBot Tourmentor is done.

Enjoy some beauty shots…



I still need the tablet to complete it.

One thought on “TourBot 5: IT’S DONE

  1. Aunt Judy

    Just read your blogs on TourBot. Super job! I’m really proud of you. When you get to Williamsport, remember I/m only about 45 minutes away any time you want to escape for awhile. Sorry I won’t make your graduation. I’ll be thinking abou you.
    Love you,
    Aunt Judy

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