Tuesday: It stands!

Day four of work on this table, and it stands beautifully!

Today’s work was to level out the four legs so that the tabletop would rest at 30 inches off the ground, a standard working desk height. This was a relatively simple matter of measuring 28.75″ from the “shoulder” (at the top of the leg, but just before the narrowing to the tenon) and pushing them through the table saw. Even so, it was gratifying to see this table come together and take physical shape.


The other matter of the day was cutting notches in the four legs using the wider dado blade so that they could accept the 1/2″ thickness of the shelf that will live below the tabletop as a practical resting place for books, papers, a computer, or even a set of utensils for a dining setup.

Here they are, all lined up and pretty . . .



. . . and here is the whole assembly!


Of course, the legs will eventually be inset completely in the shelf and they will each be precisely spaced so that each tenons fits into its respective mortise in the tabletop. That’s work for tomorrow, though.


Short day in the shop, short post for the blog — tomorrow will likely be the same.


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